Healthy Ageing Week

In October 2017 the first edition of the Healthy Ageing Week took place. The week started because it turned out that many activities were organized in October within the framework of Healthy Ageing. The idea is to combine these activities in one week. This is how the Weekend of Science takes place in October (combined with Zpannend Zernike). And for example the 4 miles Groningen. The idea of organizing an entire HA-Week was created by the dean of the UMCG (Marian Joëls). This HA-Week is aimed at the outreach of knowledge and science in an understandable way to both higher and lower educated people. The theme this year is Healthy Environment. Within this, attention is paid to themes such as nutrition, exercise, meaning and mental health.


The intention is to organize a full week of HA activities in October each year. Every year we look at how we implement this, through events, communication etc. The Groningen Steering Committee agreement has approved the proposal for the HAW including the budget. The municipality's vision for Healthy City is central and there are all sorts of elements that are specifically presented during the HAW.


HAW wants to reach out to all citizens with to main goals.

  • Strengthening the Northern Netherlands region as the European region in the field of Healthy Ageing.
  • Give residents of the Northern Netherlands knowledge and skills for a healthy lifestyle and make them aware of what themselves can do to pursue (more) health and happiness.



Photographer: Kees van de Veen